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I’m not going to lie…. turning 30 this year really freaked me out. Even turning 29 was super scary. I know, I know… age is just a number. However, for some reason, the big 3-O made me super anxious and I had been dreading this day.

Sometimes, I have to remind myself I am not 16 any more. I definitely do not feel 30! Guessing that’s a good thing, right?! I can’t believe how the years have gone by and thinking about that makes me even more anxious. A lot has happened in the last few years; I’ve had to overcome some of the worst times in my life as well as experience the happiest days in my life. Saying it has been a roller coaster ride would be an understatement. I would like to think that all of these experiences have made me who I am today and a stronger person.


February came and went, and just like that, I have left my 20s behind. It was an incredibly busy month and in a way, I’m grateful for that. It gave me less time to over-analyze this turning point. My birthday month was actually better than I could have ever expected. No… let me rephrase… it was amazing! My mom planned the most beautiful birthday brunch (post to come soon) and my hubby surprised me with a trip to Disney World. We left early morning on my actual birthday, February 8th,  and it was the most magical birthday celebration ever!I still have post-Disney blues.

However, before February comes to a end, I wanted to celebrate it and commemorate this special birthday and just write down a few things I know now that I wished I would have known before. Corny right? But it’s ok… corny is ok sometimes. I thought this would also be fun to read in a couple years, maybe when I turn 40 (gulp!). I want to clarify these are more like reminders of things I have come to realize, however, all things I need to continue to work on. A list of reminders to be the happiest and enjoy every day as I move on to the next 30.



So without further ado…..

  1. Don’t overthink. Just do. Trust yourself and your decisions.
  2. Love your body for what it can do. Don’t wish to change it or go crazy chasing your idea of the perfect body. Celebrate what your body can do and embrace that.
  3. Workout because it makes you feel better and enjoy working out.
  4. Be strong. Not skinny.
  5. Help others and be kind, but remember to take care of yourself as well. Don’t put other people’s problems before yours or adopt other people’s problems. Its ok to be a little selfish sometimes.
  6. You are allowed to say no.
  7. Enjoy every day. The “good” and the “bad”.
  8. There is always a silver lining. Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes it takes years for you to realize why things happened a certain way. Be patient. Trust God and that things do happen for a reason.
  9. Not everyone will like you. That’s ok.
  10. Time goes by faster than you think. Remember that.
  11. Sometimes, friends come in seasons. And that’s ok.
  12. Life is a roller coaster and chaotic. That’s just a fact. Embrace it. Don’t long for days when things are calm and everything is under control. Enjoy those days when they come but just learn to embrace the fact that life is chaos and there’s also beauty in that.
  13. Don’t worry about what others think of you. There is so much happiness that comes with doing this.
  14. Ignorance is sometimes bliss. You do not need to know everything.
  15. Remember to breathe. When you are feeling overwhelmed take a moment to re-group. Take everything one step at a time. No matter what the situation is, there is always a solution.
  16. Just keep swimming.
  17. Don’t be scared to chase a dream or trying something new.
  18. Things won’t always go the way your planned. That’s ok. Learn to also enjoy going with the flow.
  19. Things happen when you least expect them.
  20. As last but definitely not least… Love yourself and who you are. Embrace what makes you you.



Hopefully this list serves you as inspiration or as little reminders of some things that have helped me be so much more happier and appreciative of who I am and everyday.

Cheers to 30!


-Ana BH

Photography by Marcus Lim Photography @story.of.marcus

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