Life, Wedding #HoffilyEverAfter March 14, 2018

Last June I got engaged to my best friend and soul mate, Brandon.

Brandon and I met at a Crossfit gym. From the beginning, we just clicked, and since our first date we have been inseparable. Yes, Crossfit and healthy living was our initial connection, but day by day I realized just how more we had in common. We are both comic book geeks, coffee junkies… and oh yeah, he’s an only child, just like me! On our first date he brought me Wolverine comic books from when he was a kid. So much better than flowers! After a few dates I was madly in love.

I can’t imagine life without him. He’s my personal coach, who pushes me every day to give my best not only working out, but in every aspect of my life. He motivates and inspires me. So cheesy right? But so truth.

After discussing what type of wedding we both envisioned, we decided to have a destination wedding. We both wanted something fun in a beautiful place, where we could enjoy the company of our close friends and family. A destination wedding would also allow for the celebration to be a little longer and more time with our guests. After researching and considering several beaches in Mexico, we decided for The Hard Rock at Riviera Maya. I will share more on my research and why we finally decided on this venue in another post.

There is so much involved in planning a wedding, and honestly, I think destination weddings are easy if you have a small group. However, with a guest list of 70-100 its not been such an easy ride! For an OCD person like myself, discussing crucial details via email and phone calls has been very stressful. I want to share my experience and findings to hopefully make your life easier if you are getting married or are helping someone with their wedding planning. So stayed tuned!

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-Ana B

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