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Yes, one of the perks of living in Texas is the abundance of delicious BBQ. However, picking a favorite can be a bit overwhelming. So many options, so many different styles! It’s really impossible to pick just one. You have to accept each place has its own personality and they each bring something different to the table. That’s the beauty of it too.

Brandon and I love exploring and discovering new delicious food. Our good friends, Kenny and Alyssa, took us to la Barbecue in Austin, after Brandon and them competed in The Fittest Games. I was their official cheerleader/water girl/moral supporter/guard of belongings. I deserved a big delicious cheat meal too. They had been raving about this place so we were definitely excited.

I’m not going to lie, when we got there the line seemed ridiculously long. Personally, waiting in line for food for over 20 min is too much, especially when you are starving, but we had heard so many great things about this place we decided to suck it up and stand in line. We waited for about an hour and fifteen minutes, but honestly, the weather was so nice and the atmosphere was so Austin-like it didn’t feel like a long wait at all.

There was plenty of seating space inside. Apparently a lot of people just take it to go. The staff was super friendly and so helpful while we decided what and how much to order. They gave us a sample of the brisket and oh my gosh, it tasted glorious. We tried the turkey, brisket, sausage, pork and beef ribs. My favorite was the brisket; we ordered lean and it was still probably one of the most moist and flavorful briskets I have ever had. Owners, Alison Clem and LeAnn Mueller with their team, cook their brisket “low ‘n’ slow” over Texas post oak for 14-16 hours. They purchase the meats from a local ranch, grass-fed and hormone-free. You can taste all the hard work and love they put into their work. They offer two types of BBQ sauces which nicely complement all of the meats, but I’m sure you won’t find yourself reaching for it much.

The sides were pretty spectacular as well. We all got o a BBQ joint for the meat but the sides are so important too! We tried the potato salad, pickles (they had the perfect amount of heat) and cole slaw. This place is also a little grocery store with tons of drink options, delicious coffee and so many snacks. They have a huge wine and beer selection too.

This picture cracks me up. Brandon… half passed out half just waiting for Kenny to get distracted and grab the lats chunk!

Let me know what you think! Definitely worth putting on your to-try list!

-Ana B



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