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May has come and go, and just like that Summer is just around the corner. Honestly, I have been enjoying Spring so much I am in no rush for the 100 degree Texas Summer. But one thing I have been trying to do is really focusing on enjoying each day and each moment. I read this quote the other day and I just loved it; its a good little reminder that there is something special and unique in every single day, no matter how ordinary it seems. Thought I’d share it with you:

“What day is it?” asked Pooh. 
“It’s today,” squeaked Piglet.
“My favorite day,” said Pooh.” 
― A.A. Milne

That leads to my first favorite of the month. I think sometimes my focus is on taking care of my body and making sure I’m optimizing my nutrition but I completely overlook another crucial aspect of our overall well being… mental health. I have made it a priority to start paying more attention to my mental health and do more for personal growth. After a little research and playing around with a few apps I have been venturing into the world of meditation with Headspace. I had never done any meditation and honestly the idea was never very appealing. My mind usually wanders easily. But this apps really makes it easy to start from zero with their short guided meditations. They call themselves a “gym membership for your brain”. Meditation has been shown to help people stress less, focus more and sleep better, so why not give it a shot right? Surprisingly, I have really been enjoining it and I have made it a point to do it first thing in the morning when I get to my office before I start my day.

If you’ve seen my Instagram lately, you’ve probably seen my hubby and I doing Crossfit. This month we decided to switch it up and try a new program. we decided to follow Brooke Ence’s Naked programming. So far, we are loving it! One of the things we have liked is the focus on isolated movements that target specific skills or muscles. I think that is very important to prevent injury and see overall progress in your performance. Plus it helps you look better naked ha!

Trying a new program or switching up your workout routine is a great way to recharge your motivation. I purchased Brooke’s Peaches program last year, which focus on legs and booty – it’s so great. I still use it sometimes to add more accessory leg work. So I was definitely excited to try the Naked program. They also offer a Lite version. Really recommend it!

For food items this month I’ve pretty much stayed with my same meals and go-to foods but I did discovered a few snacky foods that I have been loving. These Harvest Snaps in particular are so delicious! They are a great option for when a salty/savory craving kicks in. Macros are decent, but a good alternative for chips.

One food items that had definitely been a constant this month are these Susalia tortillas made with corn and nopal (cactus). In Mexico its so popular and common to find a lot of nopal products especially for diet-related purposes. I saw this brand at one of our local HEB and was so excited to try them. Ok, they are not like a delicious corn tortilla, but they are pretty good! I love quesadillas but usually stay away from tortillas and opt for higher volume foods. But these have been so amazing! I have been making quesadillas and even with laughing cow wedges to make a really yummy and satisfying snack or as part of my dinner. Honestly, I think I’ve had them as part of my dinner every day! So good!!

I kept hearing about witch hazel and finally decided to give it a try. It’s now a usual in my skin care routine. Especially during days when I’m going to be around the house and I don’t put on makeup up, I like to use it in the mornings. My skin feels so refreshed and smooth. I also carry one in my gym bag and use it after my workouts. This has really made a difference and helped me prevent breakout and irritation. Thayers Facial Toner is my favorite so far.

Some benefits of witch hazel:

Shrink/tighten pores
Ease inflammation
Soak up oil
Fight acne
Improves skin tone
Cool & soothe

There are so many good shows right now! But this was no doubt my favorite recently – Big Little Lies on HBO. Its so addicting and even my hubby loved it. We could not stop watching. Season 2 is coming on June 9 so it’s the perfect time to catch season 1!

And finally…. my last, but most definitely not least, favorite for the month… yellow! I have been loving wearing yellow so much. I would always shy away from this color, not sure why. I think my mom used to tell me that blondes should not wear yellow, and that was stuck in my head. But this Spring I have braved wearing this shade and I love it now! I think it’s such an optimistic and happy color. Here are a few pieces I found that I have been enjoying.

Hope you give some of this favorites a go and that you enjoy them as much as I have been!

-Ana BH

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