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As you might have seen from other post or from my Instagram, I count my macros and have found that to be the best approach for me and my nutrition. Currently I have nutrition coach from Working Against Gravity (WAG) who is helping me dial in my nutrition even more. After this winter / holiday season I have decided to start cutting again and hopefully lean out a bit for bikini season!

Cutting, basically means you are in a calorie deficit, eating less. During my last weekly check in she lowered both my carbs and fats, not a crazy amount, but enough to were I’ve had to re-adjust what I was normally eating. Honestly, during the week I eat pretty much the same. I don’t mind it at all. Once I find something that I enjoy eating I’m good with eating it frequently. This also makes counting macros a lot easier and almost effortlessly. Anyways…. I went to the grocery store this past weekend on a mission to find macro-friendly, low carb, lower fat snacks yet yummy enough to satisfy my craving. I have a sweet tooth and I’m a very hungry person so I need my snacks to be feeling and delicious.

I was surprised with how many options I found within the macros I was looking for and even more surprised at how much I have been enjoying them! Here are my current favorite low carb, macro-friendly snacks:

  1. Kozy Shack No Sugar Added Rice Pudding: I totally forgot about these! I used to eat them a few years ago. I am Mexican and this brings back so many memories because my nanny used to make it for me. This is so delicious I promise! Macros: 1.5F/14C/4P and 90 calories.
  2. The Laughing Cow Cheese Light Wedges: I just love cheese so much. I wish I could eat it all the time. But cutting does make it a bit harder for me to fit into my day. This Laughing Cow wedges have helped me so much with my cheese cravings! They are a perfect snack and they are so good when you add them to your meals. Plus, they go perfect with the next snack as well. Macros: 1.5F/1C/3P and 30 calories.
  3. Quaker Rice Crisps: I loooove chips. Especially super spicy Mexican ships like Takis. I can eat unimaginable amounts. But, trying to find a healthier alternative I found these rice crisps. There are many flavors, both savory and sweet. My two favorite are these, sweet and spicy chili, and the chocolate ones. The savory ones are awesome with the Laughing Cow cheese too. These are also a good option to sneak in to the movies if you want to skip the buttery-and-oh-so-delicious-but-so-fatty movie theater popcorn. Macros vary a little with flavor but usually for 13 crisps: 1.5F/25C/2P and 120 calories.
  4. Light & Fit Greek Crunch: Ok. I have a confession. I have always hated yogurt. I have this idea in my mind that yogurt is this slimy, gross, peachy-smelling goo. But, lately I have seen so many different ones at the grocery store, and the pretty parfait cups at Starbucks and I kept thinking… “boy I wish I liked stuff like that”. After hours, ok maybe months, of my hubby trying to convince me to try Greek yogurt (he thought the texture would be better for me) I decided to give it a try. I bought a few of these Light & Fit Greek Crunch and…. oh my goodness I’m addicted. They are so delicious!! I do have to eat it super cold but I have been loving them. I feel so grown up hahaha.
  5. Low-Fat Cottage Cheese with Blueberries: I had also forgotten how much I like cottage cheese. I don’t know why I stopped buying it. I found this brand to be the most macro-friendly. I buy the large tub and weight out what I need every day, but they also come in these single serving containers. So perfect and easy to grab n go! Macros for 1/2 cup 1F/3C/14P and 80 calories. I have been loving eating it with some blueberries. I usually eat about 100 grams of cottage cheese with 70 grams of blueberries. Macros for 70 grams of blueberries: 0F/10C/.5P and 40 calories.

Give these are try! I promise they won’t disappoint. If you have any other favorite snacks let me know, I’m always excited to find and try new things.

-Ana BH

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