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One of my favorite things about planning for a trip is hunting down pieces and putting together outfits for that particular destination. Hands down, planning for Disney outfits was my favorite part about planning for this trip.

There is one thing to remember when planning for a Disney trip… it doesn’t matter if you 5 or 55…your outfit matters! Yes, comfort should be a priority. However, remember you will be taking your picture a lot and you probably don’t want to immortalize your leggings and over-sized shirt look in those pictures that will bring you back so many treasured memories.

Disney has also become a place to showcase your love for fashion and all things Disney! Disney style is now a thing. Just look up #disneystyle on Instagram and you’ll be surprised at how many accounts pop up and how many bloggers have been immersed into Disney life. They make me so jealous! Ha!

This is a perfect occasion to infuse Disney-inspired pieces into your outfits. Here are some of the pieces I bought for our trip:disney outfits with numbers 1

  1. Leopard Mickey Mouse shirt
  2. Snake skin Mickey Mouse shirt
  3. Mickey Mouse sequin sweatshirt
  4. Red Mickey Mouse pants. I wasn’t sure about these pants when I ordered them. And honestly when I walked out the hotel I was worried they might be too much. But they were so comfy and I got so many compliments. There is no such thing as too much Disney at Disney. I love them so much I will be wearing these a lot!
  5. Minnie Mouse shirt. I wanted to find something white, simple, with just a little Disney touch to go with the red Mickey Mouse pants. This one was perfect! Great fit and super comfy. It has a bigger Minnie Mouse on the back.
  6. Lady and the Tramp shirt. Brandon got me this shirt when he surprised me with the trip. So cute!
  7. Pink sneakers
  8. Gold glitter sneakers. I am obsessed with these sneakers. To be honest, they were not the most comfortable option for the trip, and I ended up not using them that much for the trip. But, they are so cute and great for going to dinner or a nice breakfast.
  9. Vintage Minnie Mouse sweatshirt. I looove old-school Mickey and Minnie. I was so excited when I found this one! Unfortunately this one is sold out, but I saw a lot of people are selling in on Poshmark if you really wanted it!
  10. Glitter Minnie Mouse shirt. I got this one in white with pink glitter.
  11. Madewell Leather backpack. A backpack is a must in Disney! So much more comfy than a tote and you can fit a lot more. This one is classic and you can use it for so many other trips or outings.

Some advise… have outfits ready of course, but do not over-buy before the trip! There are sooo many cute things you will see throughout your visit you will want to get. So plan for just enough outfits but know you will probably be purchasing some other items while in Disney you will end up wanting to wear. Keep that in mind when packing. Here are some of my favorite items I got while on the trip:

disney outfits with numbers 2

All of the items above can also be purchased from the Shop Disney website.

I looked everywhere, and I mean everywhere, for cute Disney outfits. If you are looking for some Disney items, look at Macy’s, Kohl’s, the Disney Store and Forever 21, which surprisingly had a huge Disney inspired line! Like I mentioned, know you will find the cutest stuff while on the trip, so plan to improvise some outfits with the things you buy while on the trip.

I can’t wait to plan our next Disney trip and find some more Disney outfits! Hope this helps you if you are shopping for your next Disney vacation. One things I cant stress enough…. make sure your shoes are super comfy!!!

Happy shopping!

-Ana BH

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