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There is no denying what a mood-booster a good hair day can be. We all want volume, shine and beautiful hair, but sometimes forget how delicate our locks are or don’t focus enough on taking care of it. Healthy hair is happy hair… so cliche but so true!

Our hair goes through so much everyday… blow drying, curling irons, sweaty sessions at the gym… So finding the right hair care routine and understanding the basics for gentle hair handling are key to achieving noticeable changes in length, healthiness, and shine.

My hair is really fine and tends to break and tangle easily. I probably started getting highlights when I was 16 and I pretty much use some type of heat tool everyday. Keeping my hair looking healthy used to be such a struggle. But thank goodness I found Laura Rueda, my hairstylist, a few years ago. She has helped me understand what my hair needs and how to care for it. She has her hair salon here in San Antonio, Blue Beauty Lounge.

Over the last few years of taking good care of my hair and implementing her top tips which I’s sharing below, I have seen noticeable changes and definitely more good hair days!

Say NO the everyday hair wash
When we think of healthy hair, we think of voluminous, shiny hair. And shiny hair needs moisture! Natural oils help keep hair naturally moisturized and a daily wash strips the hair and scalp of these oils. It also fades color faster, dulls shiny locks, causes more split ends and product buildup. The combination of hot water and over-washing your hair can cause dandruff by drying your scalp.
Especially during the warmer months or if you workout everyday, it can be tricky to find ways around washing your hair everyday. This was really hard for me to start doing as I feel like my roots get oily quickly and I’m a sweaty monster every time I workout. I’m drenched after just warming up ha! But finding a dry shampoo that works for my hair and embracing some second-day hair styles has helped me so much.
Skipping the daily wash also means less heat styling, which is great for hair growth! Over-washing is a habit that you especially need to stay away if you are trying to grow your hair long

Hair Mask
Considering the amount of torture we put our hair through, we should all be using a hair mask. I think a lot of us are nervous about using them, not really knowing which one to use or how. I personally always thought it would make my hair super greasy.
Hair masks are an intense conditioner. Even if you think your hair is healthy, consider adding a hair mask to your hair care routine. How frequently you apply a mask will depend on your hair type, hair damage and the type of mask. Some lighter ones might require daily use, while heavier masks should be used only once a week. Laura recommends a heavier mask you can apply 1-4 times a month.

Rinse Conditioner with Cold Water
Cold water closes the hair cuticle, the surrounding layer of overlapping cells
 resembles the shingles on a roof. These “shingles” open and close depending on the temperature of the water you use when you wash your hair. Warm water causes cuticles to open. Rinsing with warm water remove most of the conditioner that you added in. Instead, cooler water helps trap moisture, removing excess product without stripping away all the moisturizing ingredients promoting more hair shine.

Heat Protection
Heat protection products are to hair as sunscreen is to skin. Silicones in heat protectors form a protective barrier over the cuticle of the hair strand, which protects it from the heat of your hair tools and fight off free radical damage caused by UV rays. Heat protection sprays also lock in hydration and serve as a light conditioner giving you a bouncier, healthier blow dry. Wet or dry, never skip this step!

Embrace Natural Texture
Now more than ever, natural beauty is praised. Try to embrace your hair’s natural texture from time to time to give it a break from heat tools, including blow-drying. The trick is figuring out what products work for your hair type.

Say NO to the Flat Iron
Flat irons can be a dangerous weapon causing major damage to your hair.
Most irons get up to 450 degrees, which is a lot of heat for your hair to handle! If you want straight locks, try using a paddle brush and blow drying it first. Use the flat iron just for a finishing touch.

Wet Brush
Wet brushes are life savers! Laura told me for years to get one and I was stubborn and ignored her advice. A wet brush is very gently and doesn’t break the hair. If you have fine hair like me or have hair extensions you especially need one! I don’t know what I would do without one now. Even Brandon loves stealing it and using it ha!

No Conditioner on Scalp
Yes, we need a healthy scalp for healthy hair, but never apply conditioner to your scalp! Conditioner causes pores to clog and product build up which can cause dry, flaky skin… and dandruff! It will also make your hair greasy super quick.

Scheduled Trimmings
Trimming simply keeps hair more healthy as it grows. How frequently you schedule a haircut can depend on your hair type and how often you style it. If you style your hair everyday, the rule of thumb should be 8 weeks. The goal is to avoid split ends, which can rise, break and cause uneven length.

Shampoo & Conditioner
Find a shampoo and conditioner for your hair texture. Make sure they have no added preservatives; they will be more likely to truly nourish your hair. Also, make sure they are ammonia and sulfate free. Stay away from high perfumed products as they can dry out your hair.

Seems like a lot of work, I know. But trust me, just slowing incorporating these tips into your routine will make such a huge difference. Start one by one and you’ll see in now time, you won’t even think twice about doing it. Laura has helped me change my hair completely and maintain it healthy. If you are in the area give her a call! She is also amazing with color and highlights.

Laura Rueda
Blue Beauty Lounge
 5123 N Loop 1604 E #108
San Antonio, TX 78249

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