Food, Healthy Living Snacking on the Road March 28, 2018

This past weekend I had to drive to Fort Worth from San Antonio to a conference. If you’re like me, a long road ahead means the munchies! I get so hungry and I crave all the delicious snacks and sweets. In an effort to stay on track and hit my macros, I prepared ahead and bought healthy snacks for the road as well as the conference. I work in higher education, and let me tell you… staying in shape and eating healthy is definitely not a priority in this industry unfortunately. Usually at these conferences the meals are not very macro-friendly; snacks are vast but mostly pastries and deliciousness I should try to avoid. This makes it extra hard to guesstimate too. I figured if I had enough of my regular snacks I could eat the protein they served for the meals and complete my carbs and fats with my snack foods.

I’m not going to lie… saying no to the desserts they place right in front of you at the tables, the right-out-of-the-oven pastries with coffee between sessions, and the extra cheesy sides was a little rough. But, I practiced some mental toughness and stuck to my plan. And boy, am I glad I did. Today as I right this I feel so much better about myself and the whole weekend. Having foods that I could track accurately and snacks that I still love and enjoyed made all the difference. Planning ahead is really the key when trying to stay on track.

There are so many options out there, but these are my current favorite on-the-road snacks:

Pepperidge Mini Bagels were a great option for just carbs. I found these a couple weeks ago and I have been obsessed with them. Power Crunch bars are great for when you need more fat but have little carbs left. Think Thin Protein Bites and the new Protein Cakes are my go-to protein bars right now. I usually don’t eat many bars but these are an absolute treat! A good jerky is a must for any trip. We need out protein! I have been liking this Country Archer Turkey Jerky; I believe you can find them at pretty much every Starbucks. Finally, Boom Chika Pop Light Kettle Corn popcorn. Careful with these because you will eat the whole bag before you know it! They have so many flavors and the seasonal ones are AMAZING!

Give these a try next time you are looking for some road trip snacks!

-Ana B

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